Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step II

MBTI Step II takes the information gathered as part of the Step I framework and develops these findings to provide a more detailed breakdown of your personality traits, going much further than the Step I assessment in discovering the unique personality behind each MBTI profile. As such it is an even more powerful tool for identifying areas for personal development coaching that will produce significant personal and business results.

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What is MBTI Step II?

MBTI Step II is a Myers-Briggs questionnaire that gets to the heart of an individual’s identity by exploring facets within each Step I Type preference in more depth. It is a way of tapping into the unique DNA of an individual, identifying precisely what makes them different to others who are associated with the same Step I Type, and how they might be similar to individuals with a different MBTI Type. The end result of the Step II assessment is a highly personalised profile and uniquely powerful development plan that is the perfect blueprint for ongoing coaching, action planning and putting together cohesive teams.

The Myers-Briggs tool: the power of detail

The Step 1 framework is a universally understood language for describing individual’s personalities and predicting how they relate to the world around them, assessing an individual on four scales and assigning them to one of 16 personality types.

Taking the broad-brush conclusions of the MBTI Step I findings as its start point, the Step 2 assessment explores these basic insights in more detail.

The assessment drills deeper into the various preference pairs and considers five additional facets of personality corresponding to these pairs, highlighting how these additional facets fit with the individual’s overall Step I type.

The Step 2 framework helps to define more clearly the differences between the basic 16 types of personality and can help people to identify their type with more certainty. It can also highlight inconsistencies between these personality types and the five facets and these inconsistencies are often extremely illuminating in explaining interpersonal challenges.

The greater detail offered by the Step II framework means that it can be very helpful in enabling people to see clearly and in considerably more detail where their own points of accord and potential incompatibility lie. This makes it a powerful tool for both teams and individuals, and a solid basis upon which to plan team-building and personal and interpersonal development.

The MBTI Step II Interpretive Report

The Step II Report is a personalised report which can assist an individual to understand their MBTI results. It is presented in a clearly-laid out graphical format that will enlighten, challenge and inspire the individual.

An example of an MBTI Step 2 Interpretive Report can be found here

MBTI Step II – key features

  • Investigates in more detail the 16 MBTI Step I personality types
  • Uses five additional behavioural facets to examine and explore each of the four Step I dichotomy scales
  • Is able to pin-point the unique aspects of an individual’s personality profile
  • Produces and highlights key development actions across a range of individual issues

As a certified and fully accredited MBTI Practitioner and Personal Development Coach, I am qualified to deliver and administer the MBTI Step 2 assessment.

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