Depression is a common condition that will affect around one in 10 people at some point in their life. It is a complicated illness that affects each person differently and has a wide variety of symptoms and causes. Generally though, depression exists in the form of unrelenting low mood or sadness, a loss of interest in pleasurable things and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. These symptoms will vary in intensity, and the frequency and length of episodes will also differ. Sometimes depression can last for weeks or months. (Ultimately, the more symptoms, the stronger they are and the longer they last, the more likely someone is living with depression).

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Anyone can become depressed – even successful and famous people will battle the condition. According to the Mental Health Foundation, depression is the most common form of mental disorder in the UK. Midlife is the most common time for depression to strike, but it can affect all age groups. Whilst one in five older people will experience depression, around 10% of children will show signs of mental health problems at any one time.

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With appropriate Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy, depression is one of the most treatable disorders, it has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than using anti-depressants alone and is now considered one of the most effective treatments.

When we first meet it will be for the initial consultation, I will introduce myself and we will spend some time getting to know each. We will discuss what you want to achieve from therapy. I will note down some general background and medical information.

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I will then explain to you how your brain works and how we use hypnosis to help us move forward. These explanations form the foundations for all that we will do as we go forward. You will be introduced to simple tools and techniques that you can start to use straight away to start making really positive steps to achieving your goals. It is amazing how many of my clients find this session enlightening and rewarding.

Subsequent sessions will last for 50 minutes. The first half of the session is spent helping you focus on what you want to achieve. This is called brain based theory and involves understanding how the brain works. It is at this stage you will set a goal to work towards between sessions. This therapy relies upon you fully committed to change. I will do my very busy to facilitate change and give you a helping hand but ultimately your success will depend on your commitment. Change can be difficult for reasons I will explain but with commitment progress will be made and quickly. The second part of the session is conducted with you on the couch. I will put you into hypnosis and use a combination of relaxation and positive suggestion to begin creating and modifying the neural pathways in the brain. This helps you to start moving forward in your life. My clients really look forward to going into trance as it is really enjoyable.

The actual nature and length of treatment will of course depend on you and your circumstances, but the majority of clients experience a significant improvement and are ready to cease therapy after 6 to 8 sessions.*

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