Fears and Phobias

Phobic responses are our body’s natural way of telling us that we are approaching, or within, a dangerous situation.

The issue we have is when our brain ‘mixes up’ the signals we are sending it and the fear develops from a rational thought to an irrational one. These situations create templates, negative experiences that we remember whenever we move toward the same situation again, and the body reacts as if we are experiencing that same event again, even though there is no basis to think the same thing will happen again. In fact the fear itself may cause effect on the experience about to be had, thus incorrectly confirming that there is an issue each time it is repeated.

Through hypnosis, we work on reducing that fear by diminishing the emotion attached to the first, or most memorable event that caused the concern so that there is no longer any negative emotion attached to it.

Below is the outline of how the therapeutic process works:

Woman sits on steps leading out to the sea. Phobia treatment and hypnosis for phobias and fears in Falmouth Cornwall. John Shallcroft qualified hypnotherapist in Cornwall.

Initial Consultation

This is the initial consultation where I explain how the brain works and why we can become susceptible to phobias or fears. I also explain why the magnitude of a fear can differ depending on other stresses and strains you are experiencing at the time, why it sometimes worsens over time for example “I used to be absolutely fine flying but now it seems to be a real problem” and how anxiety is in direct correlation with our phobias or fears.

Man in white tee-shirt covering his face with one hand out stretched. Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears, Hypnosis for phobias, and Phobia treatment by The Coach Approach in Falmouth Cornwall UK.

2nd Session

This is predominately a relaxation session, however, to begin with, like all sessions, we go over the brain based therapy to make sure you are happy and fully understand how the phobias and fears are created. We then do some deep relaxation – this allows you to allay any possible issues you may have and find out just how ordinary and soothing trance is.

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3rd Session

This starts once again with a bit of revision and then quickly moves onto the “rewind technique”. This is a powerful ‘tool’ and removes the emotional attachment with the fear or phobia.

4th Session

The final session is called the “reframe” where we start yet again with our revision period. This session is designed to rewire the template so that in the future you avoid the fear or phobia altogether.*

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