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Posted on 28th September 2017 by John Shallcroft

5 Ways To Achieving Happiness In Life

achieving happiness in life

Happiness is much more than the feeling of elation, joy or general positivity. On the surface, it’s easy to exude happiness, but the true feelings are felt when you search deeper within yourself and discover what truly makes you happy. When you think of what you’re grateful for in life, the everyday foundations of your existence, that’s when you can really tune in to your inner happiness. Achieving happiness in life is about feeling an overall state of wellbeing that embodies a deeper sense of meaning.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be happy 100% of the time, and in fact it’s completely natural to feel the ebb and flow of emotions; it’s simply human nature. Achieving happiness in life is to recognise what creates an overall positive feeling and knowing how to ignite that feeling when you’re struggling to embody it. It might seem as though you should be able to boost your happiness with the flick of a switch, but in reality it’s much more complex than that, and philosophers and psychiatrists spent many years trying to identify the true definition of happiness.

We now realise that it is much like a science or art, something we must research before we can understand how to use and cultivate it in our daily life. We must work at it regularly to keep it alive, otherwise we will lose grip and it will then become more difficult to maintain. There are some key areas that we can look at to help us identify ways to achieve happiness, and they’re more pragmatic than you might imagine.


Achieving Happiness In Life – What Steps Can We Take?


Social interaction

Research has suggested that regular social interaction with other human beings, particularly those who encourage us to be ourselves and bring out the best in us, have the ability to improve our overall happiness. When we enjoy conversations and emotions with others, our dopamine and serotonin levels are raised and we receive mood-boosting feelings.

Having space to be yourself, express your opinions openly without fear of judgement is important for your wellbeing because you need to feel comfortable being you for your inner happiness to be released. Nothing quite compares to spending time in good company, and this can provide long-lasting happiness. Not only do you need a strong support network around you to maintain a balanced life, you also need supportive colleagues and clients who allow you to be your true, authentic self. While you may feel that a bit of retail therapy will cheer you up when you’re feeling low, this will always be short lived and will eventually have you wondering why it didn’t bring you happiness for longer.


Ensure you love what you do

You might find that your family or personal life gives you plenty of satisfaction, but if you dread going to work each day and don’t feel fulfilled by the day’s tasks ahead, then it will be having a negative impact on your personal life. If you’ve ever been told that you shouldn’t bring your personal life to work, you might have wondered why no-one has ever really emphasised the opposite. By bringing any negativity from your day into your personal life, you will find your sense of happiness completely unattainable.

When you go to work to do something you love, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face and come back feeling proud of what you’ve achieved, rewarded by someone you may have helped or simply happy with the number of hours you work and the responsibility you hold. To know that you spend, on average, 50% of each day working, you can see why it’s so important to enjoy how you spend that time.


Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices

The key to achieving happiness in life requires you to be proactive, because it certainly won’t just turn up on your doorstep. Like anything in life, when something doesn’t work we must make changes in a bid to create a solution. Happiness is no different and, if anything, it’s even more important, because it has a detrimental effect on our emotions and our wellbeing, as opposed to just the task at hand.

It’s said that 60% of our overall happiness is determined by external factors, such as the behaviours of others and unforeseen circumstances that we don’t have control over. In this case, if you spend time around people who cause you to feel upset, sad, angry or irritable, you’re holding yourself back from achieving happiness in life. Deciding to spend less time with people who bring you down and saying no to social events that you don’t enjoy will create more time for you to spend doing things you love.


Continue to learn

As mentioned already, happiness is very much about the effort we put in to help it manifest in our lives. Spending time understanding what gives you feeling of contentment and learning about the art of happiness will help you to live and breathe it every day. There are many experts who specialise in working with people to guide them towards achieving happiness in life, and they are well worth investing time and money on.

By taking chances and discovering new ways to bring out your inner happiness, you can find it in the deeper sense. Try not to spend too much of your time comparing your life to others, because that will always cause you to recognise the negative aspects of your life and feel inferior. Instead, focus on trying new things as this will give you more scope to find what makes your heart jump with joy.


Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a practice that encourages us to connect inwards with ourselves and think outside the box to recognise the positive qualities of our life. The key to practicing gratitude is to focus on the more meaningful aspects of life, and lessen your grip on those that don’t, such as material or idealistic goals. The beauty of a gratitude practice is that the more regularly you do it, the more you realise how much you have to be grateful for. Each day, you’ll think of something new, and because you’ll be focusing on the present moment you’ll notice the smaller yet more important things in life.

It can be easy to dream of wanting more in life, particularly in your professional life. If you spend a lot of time dreaming of more money or your next promotion, reigning in those thoughts can help you to become more fulfilled with how your life is at this moment in time. Don’t lose the dreams, but be realistic in achieving them.

Happiness is certainly not always easy to achieve, but there are simple steps that you can follow to help guide you to finding your true inner happiness. John Shallcroft of The Coach Approach is an expert in the field of Personal Development Coaching and Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy. He works with all clients to find a tailored solution for them, so take a look at the therapies available and get in touch today if you would to discuss anything further. Your dreams of achieving happiness in life are within reach!


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