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Posted on 11th May 2017 by John Shallcroft

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy: Empowering Personal Change

solution focused hypnotherapy


How many of us are truly happy? Of course, that’s a big question. There are so many aspects of a person’s life and some of them may make us more content than others. Personal relationships, career success, financial security and our physical health all play large roles in how any one of us feels on a day to day basis. If we take our careers as an example though, a reported one in four of us are dissatisfied at work and would like to change jobs. That’s a concerning statistic, particularly when you think about how many people are afraid of rocking the boat and may well end up staying put in a role that does not fulfil them. If we project that unwillingness to change across other areas of life, then it becomes apparent that we’ve got a real stagnation problem on our hands. But what if there was another way? What if individuals felt empowered to change their lives for the better? Solution focused hypnotherapy allows you to do just that.


What Makes Us ‘Stuck’?

We’re all familiar with the notion of one’s ‘comfort zone’ – a situation in our lives that allows us to operate happily and without fear. By living within this space, we feel settled and at ease, barely having to challenge ourselves to achieve results. This may sound pleasant, but in actual fact a comfort zone is incredibly limiting and the goals that we do reach don’t push us to accomplish as much as we could in life. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, both personally and professionally, you can open up a whole world of new possibilities to experience. The problem is that for many of us, leaving the safety of your comfort zone is a big and uncomfortable step. Why is this the case? Anxiety and depression may be an issue for some people, but for many it largely comes down to fear.


The ‘Fear’ Problem

Solution focused hypnotherapy works to identify and address individual issues that may be causing the fear which prevents a person from moving forward in life. These fears may be based on past experiences that have left a negative memory in the brain. In fact, the brain is constantly problem-solving which can work in our favour when it reminds us to be fearful of certain dangers such as crossing a road, or running from a predator. Yet in many cases, our fears are not useful and can turn a rational thought into an irrational belief which hinders our personal success.


Lack of Confidence

Another common problem with those who have difficulty in moving forward is a lack of confidence. This is a condition caused by a lifetime of listening to a self-critical inner voice who tells you that you can’t do something. To create a positive future for yourself, it’s essential that this doubting inner voice is quietened, and that a more affirmative and supportive one takes its place. Confidence is an essential quality that helps us to achieve our dreams. Without it, we can suffer from a lack of self-worth and activities such as dating, socialising, public speaking or going for a job interview can all seem like impossible targets.


Identifying Your Goals

Before you embark on a solution focused hypnotherapy treatment plan, it is useful to have a serious think about what you’d like to achieve in life. There should be more emphasis placed on the present, and the future as opposed to what has gone wrong for you in the past. You might be interested in changing direction in your career, improving your personal relationship with a partner, family and friends, getting fit, overcoming an addiction, becoming involved in a hobby, or just trying to boost your health. Whatever your goals are, solution focused hypnotherapy is an incredibly successful way of helping you to achieve them.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Creates Long-Lasting Change

While in a light trance, you will be asked various questions which get you to identify your precise issues and explore your underlying feelings about them. This will help to uncover any negative thought processes that exist, so that these blockages to personal success can be removed. Your hypnotherapist will work with you to replace these negative patterns with new positive and affirming beliefs which will gradually translate into affirmative real-life behaviour. By doing this, your positive feedback loops will be reinforced, allowing you to think and act in a way that benefits you. This is a method that has long-lasting results and can offer personal change that lasts a lifetime.


How Does the Treatment Work?

If you’re interested in solution focused hypnotherapy, then you’d probably like to know what it entails.

  • Free Initial Consultation

This will allow the therapist to get to know you and understand what you’d like to achieve from your SFH sessions. You will learn about how the light trance works and be given effective tools to help you make immediate positive steps towards achieving your personal goals.

  • Follow-up Sessions

At your regular appointments, you will spend 25 minutes focusing on your goals and 25 minutes on the couch. The first half will be spent discussing your personal objectives and how you will work towards each mini goal in-between sessions. It is essential that you demonstrate commitment to moving forward, in order to gain the most from your treatment plan. Following the first half, calming music will be played which will encourage you to go into a state of light trance. The remainder of the session will be spent in this relaxed state as positive suggestion is used to influence the neural pathways in your brain. This will ultimately help you to see things in a new light which will be beneficial to helping you achieve your personal goals.


Excellent Results

The amount of sessions that a person needs to make a real positive change depends somewhat on the nature of the reason they’ve sought SFH in the first place. If you’re looking to overcome an addiction such as smoking, then it is likely that you’ll be cured in as little as one session. Those with more deep-rooted conditions such as anxiety and depression may find that it takes up to 8 or 10 sessions to feel ready to cease treatment, although some benefits are usually felt immediately.

If you feel empowered to make a change in your life, no matter what type, then solution focused hypnotherapy can help to move you out of a state of stagnation and create a positive future for you. To book your free initial consultation, get in touch today.


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