Dealing with Hypertension

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Hypertension – often referred to simply as “high blood pressure” – affects hundreds of millions around the world.

Defined as having a blood pressure level higher than 140 over 90 mmHg (millimetres of mercury), it doesn’t necessarily show up in symptoms, but can cause long-term complications nonetheless through a narrowing of the blood vessels.

Finding a cause is not always easy. As many as 90 percent or more of sufferers have what is referred to as “essential hypertension”, meaning there is no medical cause for their condition. Under such circumstances, a specialist would look towards lifestyle factors such as a lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking, stress and a salt-rich diet to try and explain the results. It’s also possible that childhood events, fears and even belief systems can have an impact.

Other factors, such as a lack of exercise or excessive drinking, may come from less serious roots and are possibly influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle or what a person considers to be normal behaviour. Although it is possible to change someone’s perspective on such matters while they are conscious, the results are often more effective and profound when a specialist MP3 recording is able to target their core beliefs directly at their source.

How Dealing with Hypertension Works

This download includes:

  • An introduction that explains how to get the most out of out the download
  • 20-30 Minutes hypnosis track

To get the full benefits of this download, simply listen to it on a daily basis. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie where you will not be interrupted. Do not listen to the download whilst driving or operating machinery as it has been designed to relax you to a very deep state. This time will be your time.

The hypnosis program does the rest and can begin reducing your symptoms during the first session. With regular use, this program will produce more and more noticeable results as your brain starts to rewire itself.

Should you wish to have a face to face therapy session use the book button to start the ball rolling.


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