Anger can be shown in a number of forms, from social discomfort and general aggravation to violent outbursts over minor situations, such as ‘road rage’. Long term, unresolved anger can create a downward spiral bringing about mental health problems including depression symptoms, as well as health concerns such as elevated blood pressure.

Anger can trigger quite a few of the physical responses such as:

  • Raising heartbeat
  • Higher blood pressure levels
  • Increased adrenalin levels
  • Inability to think straight

Anger issues can have a wide variety of causes and each person will have individual reasons for their rage. Previous experiences of hurt, bereavement or despair, or difficult environments can bring about the onset of anger difficulties. All of these anger triggers can be readily helped using hypnotherapeutic strategies. Underlying beliefs about how things ‘should be’ or what people ‘should do’ if unmet or unrecognised can lead to anger outbursts.

Anger can also stem from other personal issues such as if you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression then hypnotherapy can be helpful in reducing the feelings associated with these.

How Overcoming Anger Works

This download includes:

  • An introduction that explains how to get the most out of out the download
  • 20-30 Minutes hypnosis track

To get the full benefits of this download, simply listen to it on a daily basis. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie where you will not be interrupted. Do not listen to the download whilst driving or operating machinery as it has been designed to relax you to a very deep state. This time will be your time.

The hypnosis program does the rest and can begin reducing your symptoms during the first session. With regular use, this program will produce more and more noticeable results as your brain starts to rewire itself.

Should you wish to have a face to face therapy session use the book button to start the ball rolling.


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