Overcoming Smoking

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Despite nearly 100,000 people in the UK dying from smoking-related illnesses each year, nearly one sixth of adults are still smokers. So what makes it so difficult to stop smoking?

It is because smoking has become a subconscious activity, an ingrained habit. Many smokers are unaware of the extent to which the subconscious influences their habit. So repetitive has this habit become, the subconscious mind truly believes that smoking cigarettes is vital for survival.

This MP3 download can aid smokers quit as it speaks directly to the subconscious mind. It uses the power of the subconscious mind to change your thinking processes, breaking negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking.  The thoughts and behaviours the smoker holds are often what prevents them from successfully giving up. Under hypnosis the subconscious can be made to realise that smoking, rather than being necessary for survival, actually threatens the very survival of the smoker.

How Overcoming Smoking Works

This download includes:

  • An introduction that explains how to get the most out of out the download
  • 20-30 Minutes hypnosis track

To get the full benefits of this download, simply listen to it on a daily basis. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie where you will not be interrupted. Do not listen to the download whilst driving or operating machinery as it has been designed to relax you to a very deep state. This time will be your time.

The hypnosis program does the rest and can begin reducing your symptoms during the first session. With regular use, this program will produce more and more noticeable results as your brain starts to rewire itself.

Should you wish to have a face to face therapy session use the book button to start the ball rolling.


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